Introducing Drivn

Welcome to Drivn, a groundbreaking sustainability behavioral change ecosystem designed to incentivize the global use of sustainable transport and create a worldwide hub of caring travelers.
By combining innovative technology, socializing elements, gamification, and token rewards, Drivn aims to revolutionize the way we approach environmentally responsible travel, ultimately paving the way for smart cities and a greener future.
Our comprehensive Drivn app serves as a carbon emissions tracking system and a travel mode verification system, empowering users to verify, track, and optimize their travels through a single platform. Partially built with a dual-tokenomics model with blockchain-based governance token $DRVN and in-app utility token $GTT, Drivn fosters a robust ecosystem that bridges web2 and web3 technologies, offering unparalleled flexibility and access for users and investors alike.
The transportation sector is one of the leading contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, and the demand for sustainable transportation solutions is rapidly increasing. Drivn addresses this demand by providing an engaging, rewarding, and comprehensive experience for individuals while offering users and businesses a suite of tools to track and reduce their carbon footprint, meet compliance requirements, and improve their overall environmental impact.
By gamifying the process of adopting sustainable transportation habits, Drivn encourages individual accountability and collective action, all while providing opportunities for token rewards and growth in the rapidly expanding market for sustainable transportation solutions. Our vision is to create a movement of driven individuals and businesses who are motivated to make our planet cleaner, safer, and better for generations to come.
In this whitepaper, you'll discover the driving forces behind Drivn, the innovative features of our app, and the potential for growth in target markets and sectors. You'll also learn how Drivn's unique dual-tokenomics model and web3 integration set us apart from competitors, offering a comprehensive and engaging solution to change the worlds travel behavior towards a sustainable future.
Join us on this exciting journey as we leverage creativity, technology, and collective action to make sustainable transportation the standard for our global community. The future of travel begins with Drivn - are you ready to be a part of the change?


The Drivn project is under development. Therefore the white paper can be subject to change.
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